Recent Work

Visual Robot Pose Tracking through Counter-Hypothetical Nonparametric Belief Propagation.

Elizabeth Olson, J. Arden Knoll, Anthony Opipari, Grant Gibson, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins. (Distributed Graph Algorithms for Robotics Workshop at ICRA, 2023)

Counter-Hypothetical Particle Filters for Single Object Pose Tracking.

Elizabeth Olson, Jana Pavlasek, Jasmine Berry, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins. (ICRA, 2023).

NeRF-Frenemy: Co-Opting Adversarial Learning for Autonomy-Directed Co-Design.

Stanley Lewis, Bahaa Aldeeb, Anthony Opipari, Elizabeth Olson, Cameron Kisailus, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins. (Implicit Representations for Robotic Manipulation Workshop at RSS, 2022).


Previous Work


Jasmine A. Berry, Elizabeth A. Olson, Alia Gilbert, and Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, “A Case of Identity: Enacting Robot Identity with Belief Propagation for Decentralized Multi-Agent Task AllocationInternational Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), Busan, South Korea, 2023. (to appear)

Elizabeth A. Olson, Jana Pavlasek, Jasmine A. Berry, and Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, “Counter-Hypothetical Particle Filters for Single Object Pose Tracking.” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), London, UK, 2023. 

Katherine A. Skinner, Junming Zhang, Elizabeth A. Olson and Matthew Johnson-Roberson, “UWStereoNet: Unsupervised learning for depth estimation and color correction of underwater stereo imagery.” In EEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Montreal, Canada, 2019.

Elizabeth A. Olson, Corina Barbalata, Katherine A. Skinner and Matthew Johnson-Roberson, “Synthetic data generation for deep learning of underwater disparity estimation.” In Proceedings of the IEEE/MTS OCEANS Conference and Exhibition, Charleston, USA, October 2018.

Elizabeth A. Olson, Nathalie Risso, Adam M. Johnson, Jonathan Sprinkle, “Fuzzy control of an autonomous car using a smart phone.” In Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies (CHILECON), Pucon, Chile, October 2017.